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How does Hoper Mix work?


From the train or bus to Hoper


You start your journey by train or bus. Don't worry that the train will be late - you have constant contact with Hoper's driver.  You get off at the station.

● Hoper will stop as close to the station as possible and take you to the indicated address, to the door of the hotel, sanatorium or your home.

From Hoper to the train or bus

 Hoper's driver will pick you up directly from the door of the location indicated by you, e.g. your home, guesthouse or holiday facility, and will take you to the nearest station.

 You continue your journey by train or bus.




How to book the journey?

Enter the route on e-podróżnik.pl or on the hotline

Enter the place of departure and the place of destination

You will get the best  connection

We will find the right connections for you: train + Hoper or bus + Hoper

You will get SMS with information

We will inform you about the start and end time of the journey and the time of changing the form of transport

Hoper Mix - additional journey options

Greater journey range

Gain a greater range of possible public transport connections with Hoper and other forms of transport such as rail and bus. Check the Hoper Mix service area.  

Reliability of Teroplan technology

Hoper Mix was created in cooperation with Teroplan, a leader in journey planning based on connecting various forms of transport, owner of e-podróżnik.pl journey planner. It allows you to purchase a Hopera Mix online ticket. In the search engine on en.e-podróżnik.pl you can check the availability of the offer and buy a ticket online.

Attractive tourist destinations from the Hoper routes

You can reach attractive destinations from almost all regions of Poland! Mountains, the sea, metropolises and 25 spa towns - straight to the door of a sanatorium or a resort. All this is within your reach, even if you do not live strictly within the Hoper service area.

What is Hoper?

Hoper is an innovative door-to-door transport service with 9-seat fast minivans. You yourself indicate the addresses of the beginning and the end of the journey, e.g. home, sanatorium, airport, hotel, dormitory, workplace or, for example, the vicinity of the train station. Our services cover all, even the smallest towns within the area of the route. To learn more and check our offer of direct door-to-door journeys, go to the main page:

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